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NAIL 101

All you need to know about the Waterbased Nail Colour.

Why Waterbased?

  • Toxic-Free. Made up of 70% water and entirely free of toxic chemicals.
  • Odour-Free. Ever had a room that smells like a chemistry lab after a manicure? The problem is solved here. You can use the Waterbased Nail Colour anywhere and no one would notice an odour.
  • Safe for all. With Toxic-free and Odour-free in check, the Waterbased nail formula is safe to enjoy by pregnant mothers and kids age 3+. We set an age limit for the same reason some toys are not suited for minorities to play without supervision. On formula aspect, it is safe for all.
  • Convenient. All you need is warm water and a gentle peel to remove the nail colours.
  • Vegan & Halal-Friendly. Our Waterbased Nail Colour collection is halal-certified and just like the rest of TROPE products, made without animal derived constituents and never tested on animals.

Performance : Waterbased vs. Gel & Traditional Nail Polish

Average Drying SpeedFast (under one minute)30-60s with a UV Lampquality dependent
Shine Level9/1010/107/10
Chip Resistance10/1010/10quality dependent
Scratch Resistance9/1010/10quality dependent
Staying Power5-7 daysUp to 3 weeksUp to 7 days

Besides being the healthier alternative, our Waterbased nail formula outcompetes traditional oil-based nail polish in terms of performance, with shine, durability and chip resistance comparable to that of Gel Polish. Follow our step-by-step guide follow up next, and you can enjoy up to 7 days of colour wear with TROPE Waterbased Nail Colour!

Step-by-Step : Long-lasting, Beautiful Manicure with Waterbased Nail Colour

PREP. Start with clean, grease-free nails by wiping nails surface with a 75% alcohol soaked cotton pad. 

1 COAT OF BASE. Apply one layer of 2-in-1 Base & Top Coat as a smoothing, nourishing base. 

2-3 COATS OF COLOUR. Before use, shake the bottle gently in left and right motion to avoid bubbles. Apply in thin coats and let dry for at least 30s before applying the next layer of colour.

1 TOP COAT. Apply above thoroughly dried nail colour to give extra shine and colour protection.

Notes & Tips

  • Minimise contact with warm water up to 6h after application for the coating to develop maximal hardness and adhesion onto the nail surface. (After a shower and before bed is an excellent time for a relaxing manicure!)
  • Applying a base coat makes nail colour easier to peel off when you like to remove it. If you prefer the colours to stay longer on nails (i.e. less peelable), try skipping the base coat.
  • Coating shine may diminish after 3-4 days of wear. Top up a layer of 2-in-1 Base & Top Coat as needed to replenish gloss.

How to Remove

  • The nail coating develops maximum adhesion on the second day of use. To make removal easier, we suggest soaking hands in warm water for 3-5 minutes before peeling it off. (Alternatively, remove during or after a bath/shower) 
  • Peel the colour sheet gently and slowly from one corner, close to the edge of the cuticle. 


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