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Who We Are

Since our beginning in 2017, TROPE believes that beauty is boundless, personal and attaches to no finite definition. We contemplate the modern zeitgeist from personal emotions to our shared vision for the future and serve the individuals curious about discovering beauty beyond its surface.

Our Perspective on Beauty

In search of clues for what makes beauty so mysterious, alluring and inviting our pursuit or at least our attempt to be closer to it, we encounter The Sense of Beauty (1986), a book on aesthetics by philosopher George Santayana. It inspires us to view beauty as "a feeling that is a manifestation of our values, ideals, and experiences that trigger our sense of goodness and appreciation" — motivating us to create more of what helps people feel good and positive in the everyday. Encouraging one's better self-understanding about what suits and what feels right.

Mindfully Created

By integrating the power of nature and scientific advances, we aim our formulations for comfortable texture, high efficacy and holistic nurture from the skin to senses. Our products are mindfully made clean, vegan and cruelty-free for your worry-free enjoyment. 


We believe in beauty without health compromise.
All of our products are strictly formulated without:

  • talc
  • parabens
  • sulphates
  • phthalates
  • mineral oil
  • formaldehyde


All of our products are free of common animal-derived cosmetic ingredients such as carmine and beeswax


All of our products are not tested on animals — only rigorous testing on ourselves (humans) before every launch to bring to you the best and safest.